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Classic-Style Homes Custom Built to Your Desires


At Classic Custom Builders, we offer 15 flexible and customizable platforms for buyers who might be uncertain about the layout of the home they want. Allowing clients to explore a full range of creative options, each platform assists in the initial planning of the home of their dreams. Rather than limiting the number of possibilities, the platform provides a creative starting point from which you can give free reign to your imagination.

As we begin to discover the attributes of the building through repeated visits and careful study, a vision of the home begins to reveal itself in the same way that artists begin with a blank canvas or the sculptor with a block of stone. The site initiates the home’s design and ultimate ambiance. In showing where to place doors, windows (to capture the best views), private courtyards, and other elements, it reveals the final layout, indoors and out.

Meanwhile, we listen, listen, listen. Most buyers know ahead what their home should feel like. Our job, and that of the architect, is to translate that feeling into plans and to ultimately create a beautiful custom home.

Classic Custom Builders guides you through the process every step of the way. Our team of professionals will help you select a lot if you don’t already have one, a floor plan to fit your lifestyle, and customizations to ensure your new custom home is everything you’ve been dreaming of. We invite you to peruse our custom designs on our gallery page and, when you’re ready, contact us to get started. We're certain you'll love your experience with Classic Custom Homes!

Our Hassle-Free Process


1. The Client Makes the Decision to Build a Home

Custom homebuilding is actually more affordable and less complicated than one would believe. Avoid the cookie-cutter home and choose custom.


2. A Reputable Builder Is Chosen

Seek high-quality construction craftsmanship and superior customer care. We recommend and encourage our potential clients to fully research area contractors before making a choice.


3. A Budget Is Established

Knowing just what you’re willing to spend on your new home is imperative to ensure that it delivers on your expectations.


4. Pre-Approved Financing Is Secured

Recommending the area’s most respected and sought-after lending professionals, we help clients with finalizing the budget and securing funding for their dream home.


5. A Location and Lot Size Are Chosen is Secured

Obviously adding to the enjoyment of your home, the property you choose is imperative to your lifestyle. Take the time to consider all property features and limitations.


6. Select Plan and Options

Utilizing Classic Custom’s platforms, we make the choice of floor plans easy. Allowing you to focus on the details of your luxury home, we take over the mechanics, always selecting high-quality materials every step of the way.


7. Sign a Contract

Congrats! You are now officially on your way to experiencing the many benefits of having a custom home built specifically for you.


8. Get Lending Commitment

Though you’ve been pre-approved for financing, your lender is going to have to approve and finalize the loan.


9. Pre-Construction Meeting

Ensuring that we’re on the same page and that all subcontractors are on board and secured, we sit down for a final meeting and further lock down the details of your project.


10. Construction Begins

This is where we truly shine. Working to keep the project on time and within budget, our crews have proven a commitment to service excellence throughout every step of the build.

Building Relationships, Building Dreams.

Call for a No-Obligation Consultation

Creative, focused, and profoundly skilled, the Classic Custom Builders team aims to deliver upon our promise of superior craftsmanship and unbeatable service.

For a free, no-obligation project estimate and consultation, contact us today. We promise a prompt and courteous response by a friendly and knowledgeable professional.


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