Things To Do in Northern Colorado

It wasn’t too long ago that Northern Colorado was a bit of a secret to those from out-of-state. Our beautiful mountain ranges, abundance of wildlife, looming trees, flowing rivers, and kind communities sounded like something of a fairy tale to those that had never been. And that’s not even mentioning our winter wonderland during the colder seasons. Then, somehow word got out. Northern Colorado is a pretty incredible place to live. While many people have been moving here, the good news is that it still has the small-town vibe than many of us locals love so much, and the number of activities to partake in has only grown.

If you have heard about our little piece of paradise and have been considering a change in scenery, or if your job has brought you here, then you are going to want at least a small list of things that you and your loved ones can do once you get here. In this post, we’ll provide you with just a few of the nearly endless activities available here. At Classic Custom Builders, we know you are going to love it. Ever since our founder moved to Fort Collins with his wife in 1991, they knew that they had found their forever home and wanted to help others to do the same. That’s why since then, him and his team of expert and reliable custom home builders have built over 600 custom homes in the area.

If you are looking to have us build your dream home, or would like any further information about our process or tidbits about the area, then please feel free to contact us today!


The Great Outdoors

Nestled in the front range of the Rocky Mountains, Northern Colorado is a haven for anyone that enjoys getting out and getting more connected with nature or getting a good exercise in. Here are just a couple of things that you can do to really get to know our beautiful surroundings.


There are so many hiking trails around Fort Collins that you won’t even know where to begin, and honestly, this is no end either. Whether you want to take a little drive and head up the Poudre Canyon to really get deep into the wilderness, or just want to head up to Horsetooth and look out amongst the town and take a dip in the reservoir, it’s all right here. No matter your skill level or your age, there is a hiking trail out here for you. In further blogs, we will provide you with some options, but for now, let’s continue on with activities you can participate in around the area.


Even before you get settled into your new custom home in Northern Colorado, you will immediately notice how bike-friendly the area is. Year after year we are mentioned in countless magazines as one of the best places to live for bikers. Not only are there trails in, out, and around the Rocky Mountains, but the majority of our city streets have been designed for cyclists. Whether you are a dedicated cyclist that competes or you are just a fan of cruising around town, you’ll fit in right here.


The fun doesn’t stop there. For the adventurers out there that like riding the whitewater, the Poudre River is an incredible place to do it. Even if you have never participated before, there are multiple places that teach lessons or host rafting tours. Please do not attempt on your own if you are inexperienced!


We can’t have a list of things that you can do in Colorado without having skiing and snowboarding on the list! While we don’t technically have any slopes for you to ride here in Fort Collins, if you take a short trip you will find some of the best ski towns in the nation. From Vail and Keystone to Steamboat and Aspen, you will absolutely want to visit these gorgeous places when the winter months roll around, even if you just want to go up and sip cocoa by a fire.


Overall, Northern Colorado is just an ideal place to do some exploring. If you’ve never experienced the beauty of Colorado, you can count on your breath being taken away almost immediately (from the scenery, but also from the altitude if you are from a lower elevation). No matter what time of the year it may be, we promise you will never get bored.


Have a Drink

Do you consider yourself a bit of a beer aficionado? Well, you might have found your heaven here. Fort Collins is proud to be the home of over 20 craft breweries, and that doesn’t even scratch the surface for Colorado in general. From the fourth-largest craft brewer in the country, New Belgium Brewing Co. to smaller run breweries, you will never run out of samples and are certain to find your new favorite beer to sip on. Not to mention, the majority of the breweries have made their business to be welcoming and fun to hang out at.

Old Town

Founded in the 19th century, Fort Collins is known for its rich and fascinating history, which is still visible to this day. With more than 20 restored historical buildings in the heart of our downtown (referred to as Old Town), it’s almost as if you can hear the echoes of times long gone. But that is not to say that we are stuck in the past! Walking around Old Town is an activity in itself. There are more than 80 restaurants serving delicious food, ghost tours, a fountain for the kids to play in, art at every corner that you look, and incredible architecture, you will never get tired of walking around the streets of downtown.

Events and Festivals

All throughout the year, you will be able to find fun events and festivals in the area. One of our most famous is the Tour de Fat, where people get in crazy costumes and ride their bikes around town (most do it after partaking in quite a few alcoholic beverages). There are also multiple concerts, food festivals, art shows, you name it. The only problem is that you have to stay aware of the schedule in order to keep track of everything going on!

Sense of Community

As we mentioned before, although in recent years we have seen a large influx of people moving to the area, that does not mean that we have lost the small town vibe. One thing that is always commented on by people that are new to the area is how welcoming and friendly the community is. We look out for one another! There will be multiple occasions when you run into a neighbor at the grocery store and take the time to say hello. We are also big on giving back. If you are a fan of volunteering, you can count on finding an organization that matches your cause. Nervous about making new friends? Don’t be! We promise it will happen immediately.

Great for the Family

Another reason that Northern Colorado is so beloved by not only those that have lived here their entire lives but also the newcomers, is just how great of a place it is for families. A majority of the activities listed on this list, aside of course the beer sampling, can also be enjoyed by the young ones. There are also multiple places for them to have a blast such as the Children’s Museum and Fort Fun, and multiple events thrown only for children. This area is also incredibly loving to their pets. Even during the winter when a storm comes through and the temperature is low, we guarantee that you will see people still walking their dogs. With several parks and a ton of dog-friendly hikes and trails, you do not have to worry about the happiness of your furry best friend.

While this is a pretty good list to start out with, we have only just begun. There are so many things that you and your family will love doing here in our community that we couldn’t just fit them on one, even lengthy, blog. If you’ve been on the fence about moving here, we simply suggest a visit and you will feel at home immediately, and we want to help. Contact Classic Custom Builders today to start planning out your custom home in Northern Colorado.