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Northern Colorado Roots Since 1991

Since Ray Spencer and his wife, Lisa, moved to Fort Collins and founded Classic Custom Builders in 1991, they have built more than 600 one-of-a-kind, customized platform homes in Northern Colorado. Ray’s core vision of a small, community-oriented business that emphasizes quality, flexibility, and responsiveness, enabling him to guide his customers through what he describes as an “experiential” building process. By remaining a small company solidly connected to some of the top architects, trade contractors, and marketing teams in the area, Classic Custom Builders allows Ray to continue doing what he really enjoys: “Meeting with the clients and helping them realize their dream home.”

Innovation and Adaptation

By staying ahead of the curve when it comes to tools and innovations, and by asking past customers what could be done even better, Classic Custom Builders ensures their designs and builds are current and updated. To ensure clients’ dreams are realized, Ray encourages involvement and communication throughout the build. Homeowners are invited to drop in and watch their custom home being built, visit models, and meet regularly with his team of experts to select the perfect customization to personalize their home to their individual lifestyle and aesthetic.

Creative Customization

Classic Custom Builder’s personal touch and relatively small size mean that they really can build relationships that allow them to help a variety of customers build their perfect, luxury homes. This means that whether you want to work “off the napkin” and design your dream home from scratch on your own piece of land or customize one of the Classic Custom Builder’s platforms, building a home has never been so approachable. Not only does Ray strive to understand the wants and needs of clients’ lifestyles throughout the process, he surrounds homeowners with professionals who make the process streamlined, efficient, and even fun. We hope you'll trust Classic Custom Builders to design and create your custom home!

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