Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you watch your children grow up, where you relax after a long day, and where your family and friends come to visit. It’s much more than just walls and a place to sleep. Your home is an integral part of your life and should reflect your own unique personality and lifestyle. At Classic Custom Builders, we believe that building a custom home shouldn’t be a struggle, in fact, it should be fun! Our goal is to help you build your dream home in Northern Colorado by taking your ideas and turning them into a reality. Not only are you and your vision involved every step of the way, but we also make sure to surround you with the most qualified homebuilding professionals in order to make the process as efficient as possible.

Since our founding in 1991, Classic Custom Builders has constructed over 600 unique and beautiful custom homes in Northern Colorado and have built countless relationships within the industry to ensure the best quality on the market. Described as luxury homes where “astonishing beauty meets effortless living”, we strive to make the process transparent, collaborative, and seamless to support you build the home of your dreams from scratch.

Whether you already have an idea of the layout of your future home, or would like to choose between the 15 customizable platforms that we offer, our adage is simple: anything is possible. Why live in a house that was built for someone else, or mirrors every other house on the street? Your home should be unlike any other, just like you.