Top Features to Consider When Building a New Home

Our homes are personal. They are the setting of our childrens’ upbringing, our moments of leisure, and evenings with loved ones. At Classic Custom Builders, we help you make these properties personal in a whole new way: they are crafted from your own vision. We take your dream and turn it into your Northern Colorado home. But some dreams aren’t fully fleshed out. Here are 4 features to consider as you put your dream home together.

new modern house


The foundation of all homes are the floor plans. You build from the bottom up and that starts with properly spacing out and orienting your rooms. Without a well-considered floor plan, your dream home can become a nightmare with cramped rooms and a disoriented geography.

empty living room with sunlight streaming in


What is the point of building and designing a beautiful home if you can’t see anything within its walls? The atmosphere you are going for is drastically reliant on the lighting plan you have in mind. This is not just the selection of lightbulbs, this includes windows and natural lighting as well. Consider all of these to craft specific ambiances for different rooms within your home.

finishing construction on new home


The home you are building is going to be incredible which makes it desirable and a security risk. Putting thought into how you will keep the house safe is one of the most important considerations you can make in the home-building process. With advancements in technology, you can prevent threats in new ways beyond simple locks.

family at building site for new home

Eco-Friendly Features

Though you are building the home in your mind, it is important to consider the real-world environment it will exist in. You can install solar panels into the build to convert energy from the sun into electricity for your home or you can install a rooftop rainwater harvesting system.

These four considerations are just a handful of many in the home-building process. Classic Custom Builders can accommodate you through this journey and guide you in the construction of your vision by making the undertaking hassle-free. Contact Classic Custom Builders today to learn more about how you can start living the dream.

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