Five Key Elements in a Modern Home Build

Five Key Elements in a Modern Home Build

When searching for the perfect forever home, many prospective homeowners have been opting for building their own homes to their specifications. While every custom home build is different, there are key elements of current modern home builds that are a must! Classic Custom Builders has more than three decades of experience as a custom home builder, adaption, and growing to provide clients with the latest home inspiration and custom home designs. Find inspiration for your dream home by exploring these four key elements for a modern home build design and contact our team to get started on your dream home today!

open floor concept

Open Floor Concept

One of the most defining characteristics of today’s modern home design is the open floor concept plan. Long gone are the days of having a closed-off kitchen and living space. And open floor concept removes walls to create a more open, airy, conversational space. In modern home designs, families are looking for more welcoming spaces to spend quality time with each other in family rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

natural lighting

Natural Lighting

When discussing your plans with your custom home builder, it is important to take advantage of natural lighting throughout your home’s design. Having large windows or many windows in your custom home can help maximize the natural lighting, creating a welcoming, warm environment.

wooden beams

Natural Materials

Embracing the modern home build design means creating a balance between form, function, and nature. Incorporating natural elements and materials into your custom home design like exposed wooden beams, concrete, or stones can give your space a more elevated feel, connecting your family back to the beating heart of nature.

bold blue cabinets

Choose Colors With Intent

Over the years, interior design has seen a major shift from classic white, grays, and other neutral color themes to a more inclusive, bolder color palette. Neutral colors are known for creating a clean, crisp space, but many homeowners have found adding bolder color choices can add warmth and dimension to their custom home builder. Even accent walls are gaining popularity!

solar panels

Energy Efficient

As prospective homeowners seek to build a custom home, environmental and energy concerns are top priorities in many designs. Key design elements such as adding more insulation, maximizing airflow, upgrading appliances to energy-efficient, LED lighting, and also installing solar panels are all ways to incorporate more environmentally friendly, self-sustaining features into your modern homes.

Let’s Create Your Dream Modern Home Together

Among these key elements, custom home builders across the country are starting to see new industry trends and homeowner preferences emerge. Many prospective homeowners are building their “forever homes” with these modern preferences installed to not only meet their family’s needs for many years, if not decades to come, but to also surround themselves with functionality. Modern home builds are seeing more and more “less is more” design approaches including sleeker and simpler design elements such as built-in lighting and cabinetry hardware. Intricate details, like custom moldings and trims, have been traded for smoother, simpler designs to foster the highly sought-after functionality and clean crisp aesthetics, a modern home build provides.

No matter your style, you can have the home of your dreams when working with a custom home builder! Classic Custom Builders have built over 600 one-of-a-kind custom homes in Northern Colorado over the past three decades. Our team of professionals will help you select a lot if you don’t already have one, a floor plan to fit your lifestyle, and customizations to ensure your new custom modern home build is everything you’ve been dreaming of (and more)! What are you waiting for? Let’s start your next project!

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