Choosing the Right Lot

You could have the ultimate dream home built for you — a sprawling mansion complete with multiple balconies, glass chandeliers, a personal putting green, and a pool — but hate every minute of it if it were placed in the wrong location. Not only could your commute to work be long and stressful, your views obstructed by the neighbors, and a strange smell emanating from the ground that you didn’t notice initially, but a lot of structural issues can come into play if you didn’t choose a lot with proper soil or grading. At Classic Custom Builders, we strive to be the most professional home builders in Northern Colorado, and our commitment is to build our customers their ideal forever home.

As such, we emphasize the importance of really taking the time to scout a proper location and lot size in which to build your new custom home. One thing that makes us unique when compared with our competitors is our devotion to having you along every step of the way. We’re firm believers that every decision should be approved by you first and your input is what takes us to the next step of the process. So in this post, we’ll be giving you a few tips to take into consideration when deciding on the location of your dream home.



In many of our previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of the location of the lot, and for good reason. Without taking the appropriate time to consider a lot’s placement, you could regret your choice of the site almost immediately. Make sure to think about every aspect. If you have kids, look into the local school districts and if the nearest school would be a good fit for your child. Research the local restaurants and shopping areas to ensure that they mirror your lifestyle. Think about the views you would have if you were to erect the house on a specific lot, can you see the mountains? Also, consider the sun and where its rays shine. Will it be blocked out by trees or neighboring homes? These are only a few examples but helps to convey our emphasis on location being key to your custom home and your happiness.

Look Into the Future

Okay, we know you can’t literally see the future, but when searching for the lot to build your new luxury home on, consider how the area might develop. Is there potential for growth? Will the neighborhood continue to expand? Is that a positive or a negative for you and your family? Is there is a vacant lot next to it? Will this affect your views? The point is, try to think ahead and determine if you’ll continue to enjoy the location of your custom home in the future.


It’s recommended not to buy a lot on a steep slope. This will require extensive terraced landscaping which will be quite expensive, as well as hinder your ability to enjoy a nice backyard.


Classic Custom Builders

At Classic Custom Builders, our team is dedicated to your satisfaction and committed to building your dream home on a location that is ideal for you and your family. If you’re ready to get the process going, be sure to contact us today! Weproudly build luxurious custom homes throughout Northern Colorado from our hometown of Fort Collins.